• Four Roofing Shortcuts That Will Cost You Money In The Longrun

    Planning on repairing or patching your roof? While shortcuts can be tempting, they should mostly be avoided if you want a roof that lasts. Here are four common roofing shortcuts and the reasons you need to avoid them: 1. Using Rolled Roofing Rolled roofing is basically a roll of shingle-like material that you roll out onto your roof and staple down. Although it works for small patches or for buildings like sheds where you are not that concerned about roofing quality, it is not an ideal choice for a home. [Read More]

  • Signs Your Home Is In Need of Roof Repair

    Putting off needed roof repair can mean needing even more extensive, and sometimes very expensive, repairs down the road. When a roof needs new shingles or flashing, meaning the paper under the shingles, moisture can build up under the roof and damage the building materials of the home. This can include the studs that make up the frame and insulation in the attic, and these can be very costly to replace. [Read More]

  • 5 different types of domestic roofing to choose from for your house

    Building a new house involves a lot of decision making and even more expenses. Domestic roofing is one of the most important parts of building a house, but also one of the most costly investments. One of the most important things to consider before building a roof is the type of roofing you want. With so many options to choose from, one can be easily overwhelmed. Below are 5 types of domestic roofing that you might like for your own home: [Read More]

  • Tips for Effective and Safe Removal of Mold from Plasterboard

    Plasterboard refers to a panel that is made by pressing gypsum plaster pressed in the middle of two thick sheets of paper. This material is very good for making interior walls since it is easy to install. However, mold may grow on these plasterboards if they are exposed to moisture for an extended period. This article discusses some useful tips that can help you to remove this mold effectively and safely: [Read More]

  • Roof Trusses vs. Stick Framing: Comparison of Pros and Cons

    There are two primary types of structural timber roof support systems: roof trusses and stick framing. It is important for you to understand the significance of each when you are building a new house or shed. This will help you make an informed decision in relation to putting up a strong and durable roof. Roof trusses are prefabricated triangular support units comprised of timber pieces with several connected joints. The stick roof framing requires onsite construction and the structure is made from individual timber rafters connected to a common central beam. [Read More]

  • Roof Restoration Specialists | 3 Types of Restoration Jobs To Refurbish Roofs

    Roof restoration includes everything from waterproofing your roof and cleaning mould to replacing broken tiles and roof painting. Roof restoration is a vital part of maintaining the structural integrity of the roofing to prevent leaks and other issues from damaging the interiors of your home. A full roof restoration generally starts from about $2500 for an average-sized home − this may vary depending on the jobs required. Here are some types of restoration jobs that may be required to refurbish roofs. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons to Consider Polycarbonate Roofing for Your Greenhouse High Tunnel

    Greenhouse high tunnels are used primarily by gardeners who want to have a year round option regardless of their climate. When you choose to use a high tunnel, you may not be sure what type of cover or roofing to use. There are several types, but the most popular is a polycarbonate roofing option. If you are uncertain if this option is right for you, consider the following benefits or reasons you should use the option in your greenhouse high tunnel. [Read More]

  • Why Every Homeowner Should Consider a Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are commonly used on large commercial buildings because the long sections of metal roofing material are usually easier and faster to install than standard tiles. However, a metal roof has many more advantages than a quick installation, and they're becoming a popular option for homeowners. If you've never thought about a metal roof on your home, note a few of the advantages it can offer you and why you should consider it when having a home built or are in need of a new roof. [Read More]

  • 3 Vital Plumbing Repair Jobs a Roof Plumber Can Undertake

    When it comes to roof gutter installations and fixing roof leaks, a roof plumber is required to perform the work safely and efficiently. Typically, any plumbing work that is associated with your roof, down pipes and gutters comes under the category of roof plumbing. Proper installation, judicious maintenance and regular inspections will keep your roof weatherproof, so don't neglect any roof plumbing fixtures that need repair or replacement. Here are some vital plumbing jobs that a roof plumber can undertake. [Read More]

  • How to Prepare Your Roof, Gutters and Downpipes During a Cyclone

    A cyclone is forecast, and in addition to moving your family to safety, you also want to ensure your home is secure from threats. There are so many things you can do to secure a home during a tropical cyclone, but you want to pay special attention to your roof, gutters and downpipes. Here are the top five things you need to do to protect these items during a cyclone. [Read More]