Why Every Homeowner Should Consider a Metal Roof

Posted on: 3 June 2015

Metal roofs are commonly used on large commercial buildings because the long sections of metal roofing material are usually easier and faster to install than standard tiles. However, a metal roof has many more advantages than a quick installation, and they're becoming a popular option for homeowners. If you've never thought about a metal roof on your home, note a few of the advantages it can offer you and why you should consider it when having a home built or are in need of a new roof.

1. The material is easy to recycle

Asphalt tiles are recyclable, but usually they need to be heated in order to be melted down and then reused. This heating process creates pollution, whereas a metal roof can be recycled simply by being cut and fabricated. You can also even find recycled pieces to use for a roof, depending on the size of your home and metal you choose. For those that are environmentally conscious and who want to keep homebuilding material out of landfills or who are concerned about their home's impact on the environment, this can be the best option.

2. Durability

A metal roof may last from 40 to 70 years on a home, whereas standard asphalt roofs usually need repair and replacement after 10 to 20 years. For those who live in areas that see many storms and inclement weather that damages roofs, this number can be even shorter. For fewer repairs over the life of your home, a metal roof is the right choice.

3. Heat reflection

A metal roof will reflect the sun's rays away from a home, keeping it cooler in summertime. An asphalt roof may simply absorb that heat, so that your cost for air conditioning can be higher. For those in tropical areas, a metal roof can be the better choice for energy efficiency.

4. Fire resistance

A metal roof is very fire resistant, so that if your home does suffer a fire, it may stop once it reaches the roof. This is an important consideration for those who live in areas that are prone to brush fires or other such increased fire risks.

5. Sheds rain and snow

A metal roof is naturally slippery and because of being installed in large, long sections, it will allow rain and snow to naturally slide off rather than accumulate. This can mean less risk of a leaking roof due to the weight of snow during wintertime and in turn, fewer repairs to the roof and building materials underneath it.

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