Signs Your Home Is In Need of Roof Repair

Posted on: 19 August 2015

Putting off needed roof repair can mean needing even more extensive, and sometimes very expensive, repairs down the road. When a roof needs new shingles or flashing, meaning the paper under the shingles, moisture can build up under the roof and damage the building materials of the home. This can include the studs that make up the frame and insulation in the attic, and these can be very costly to replace. To ensure you get repairs done as soon as needed, note a few signs that your home is in need of roof repair.

1. Look for water damage in the attic or crawlspace

To note if your home needs roof repair, you might start in the attic or crawlspace under the roof and look for signs of water leaks, such as rings around the ceiling, soft spots along the walls or moisture on the floor; these all signal a hole somewhere in the roof that is letting in water. If you can see sunlight coming through the roof, this is an obvious sign of a hole in the roof.

When roofing shingles begin to crumble due to age, granules go with the water that leaks through holes. If you notice granules of what appear to be roofing shingles anywhere in the attic or crawlspace, this too means you may have damage that needs repairing on the roof.

2. Cracked shingles

Most homeowners will know to look for missing shingles on their roof, but cracked shingles can be just as inefficient at protecting your home as missing shingles. Those cracks can allow water to get through and heat and air conditioning to escape your home. Cracks also mean that the shingles are getting ready to break away and potentially fall off your roof. Don't just skim your roof and look for missing shingles but get binoculars or get up on a ladder and inspect for cracked shingles as well.

3. Mould and mildew

Never assume that mould and mildew are just natural parts of a roof, as they typically mean that water is not draining off the roof as it should. When water collects under buckling or curling shingles, mould and mildew can grow. When you have your binoculars or are on the roof, look for signs of mould and mildew growth. Remember that it may not grow where there are cracks or water leaks as water can travel and then pool in an area of the roof, but have your roof inspected for needed repairs if you notice any such mould or mildew.

Talk with contractor from a business like A.C.R. Roofing Pty Ltd if you have specific questions about the state of your roof to determine when repairs need to be done.