3 Vital Plumbing Repair Jobs a Roof Plumber Can Undertake

Posted on: 1 June 2015

When it comes to roof gutter installations and fixing roof leaks, a roof plumber is required to perform the work safely and efficiently. Typically, any plumbing work that is associated with your roof, down pipes and gutters comes under the category of roof plumbing.

Proper installation, judicious maintenance and regular inspections will keep your roof weatherproof, so don't neglect any roof plumbing fixtures that need repair or replacement. Here are some vital plumbing jobs that a roof plumber can undertake.

Gutter Repair & Maintenance

A roof plumber is required for regular maintenance and repair of damaged gutters. Gutters are designed to direct rainwater on your roof away from your home's structure. Gutters can get damaged and blocked because of debris and leaf accumulation, in addition to harsh weathering. Damaged gutters could result in water finding its way into the structural foundation of your home, which can cause property erosion, mould and mildew problems, roof leaks and other unwarranted leaks into the interiors of your home.

For these reasons, gutters must be repaired and fitted with fully functional mesh coverings and gutter guards to prevent debris from accumulating on your gutters.  

Rainwater Tank Installation

A rainwater tank is an excellent idea to help reduce wastage of water resources. Excess water stored in your rainwater tank can be used to water your lawn regularly, without worrying about water scarcity in your area. You can also get the rainwater tank connected to your toilets and laundry.

The rainwater tank must accommodate your down pipes and gutters with ease, while safeguarding from insects and other debris. Getting a roof plumber to install a rainwater tank can reduce your council water bills drastically, because it can be used for a major part of the water requirements in your home: flushes, laundries, garden maintenance and even dishwashing.

Roof Flashing Repair

Roof flashing prevents water from seeping into the roofing with the help of a weather barrier. Roof flashing is usually used around areas like skylights, chimneys and other penetrable areas around the roof to waterproof them thoroughly. Improper roof flashing will cause roof leaks and tile damage. Over time, roof flashing can also give way. A roof plumber is required to reinstall roof flashing to protect the interiors of the home from irreparable damage.

Keep in mind that by ignoring a roof plumbing problem, it will only get bigger and more expensive to repair later. If you notice any problems with your roof plumbing, get a qualified roof plumber like O'Boyles Roof Plumbing to inspect and repair it immediately for the best possible outcome.