Roof Restoration Specialists | 3 Types of Restoration Jobs To Refurbish Roofs

Posted on: 8 June 2015

Roof restoration includes everything from waterproofing your roof and cleaning mould to replacing broken tiles and roof painting. Roof restoration is a vital part of maintaining the structural integrity of the roofing to prevent leaks and other issues from damaging the interiors of your home. A full roof restoration generally starts from about $2500 for an average-sized home − this may vary depending on the jobs required. Here are some types of restoration jobs that may be required to refurbish roofs.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Regular roof and gutter cleaning is essential to remove mould, algae, leaves, debris and dirt that have accumulated on your gutters and roofs. When roofs are ignored over time, these unwanted accrued materials will damage and deteriorate roofs − leading to costly repair problems. Excess buildup of dirt and debris will also affect the sunlight absorbed through the roof − impacting the heat and cooling systems of a home. For example, lack of adequate sunlight in winter because of amassed debris will push up heating costs significantly − not to mention the potential damage to your roof over time. Roof and gutter cleaning is an excellent preventive maintenance form that is sure to save you a fortune when undertaken regularly. Expert roof and gutter cleaners use pressure washers and biodegradable chemicals for roofs. Roof and gutter cleaning usually starts from $300.


Reroofing is the process of completely removing an old roof to construct a new one over the home − this goes well beyond simple repair and requires roofing specialists to do a high-quality and superior job. Reroofing is a good way to upgrade your home with an energy efficient and leak-free roofing structure that not only improves the aesthetic value, but also brings functional efficiency to the way you use your home. The cost of reroofing will largely depend on the size of the home and is usually charged per square metre. Removing and replacing an entire old roof with a new tiled roof will cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000.

Tile Roof Repair

Sometimes a few tiles on your roof may start to come undone or may get damaged because of external weather conditions. When this happens, you will simply need to repair or replace the worn out tiles with new ones. If done quickly, this minor job will save you a lot of money. This way you will only need to replace a few tiles, as opposed to the whole roof, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

Roof restoration is a key factor in maintaining the security, appearance and value of your home. Make sure you refurbish your roof structures when needed to protect your home. If your home requires a roof restoration, then contact a company like Roof Plus.