When The Summer Storm Is Over: 3 Signs You Need Roofing Repairs

Posted on: 8 March 2022

In February 2022, Queensland and New South Wales experienced horrendous summer storms that brought torrential rain. As summer turns to autumn and the chance of more stormy weather lessens, it is time to assess the damage done. When it comes to a home's roof, storm damage is not always immediately visible. However, signs will appear that you need to tend to roof repairs in the immediate future. Here are three signs for you to look out for after the summer storm is over.

Ceiling Dampness

It takes time for water damage to appear on your interior ceiling, but you must immediately arrange for roof repairs once it does show through. There does not need to be a big obvious hole in your roof for water to leak into your home. Damage could be as little as dislodged flashing around your chimney or several missing tiles. Any weakness in your roof barrier is an opportunity for water to leak in and start pooling on your ceiling. Over time, this moisture seeps through the ceiling, and water stains appear. Another sign water is present above your ceiling is mould and mildew growth. Once you spot ceiling dampness, you need a roofer to make the necessary repairs before replacing the damaged ceiling.

Dislodged Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system as they move water away from your home. However, when they become dislodged or damaged during a summer storm, they are no longer effective during a torrential downpour. Do a walk around the outside of your home after each storm to visually confirm the gutters are where they should be. Then, contact your roofer for immediate repairs if they are not intact. An ineffective gutter system allows water to pool on your roof, and eventually, the excess water will make its way indoors.

Missing Tiles

While doing the house walkaround checking the gutters, see if you can spot any tiles or metal sheets from your roof on the ground around your home. It can be challenging to see if anything is missing from the roof by looking up, but if you walk around looking at the ground, you may spot dislodged items. Make sure to keep the found roofing items so you can show them to your roofing contractor. They can then determine whether you require new roofing supplies or if the dislodged pieces are reusable.

Do not delay roofing repairs once you spot signs these are needed. The longer you leave your roof in a weakened state, the bigger the chance of further damage being done.

For more information on roofing repairs, contact a company near you.