When It Is Time To Replace Your Gutters

Posted on: 23 December 2020

There are some problems with your home exterior that do not require urgent attention. For example, paint peeling off the walls is not a cause for alarm. You can put off such issues until you are financially capable of fixing them.

However, some problems need to be dealt with immediately to avoid structural and water damage in your home. Your gutters are one of those problems that should not be ignored. Gutters protect the interior, exterior, foundation and landscape of your home. Here are signs it is time to replace your gutters.


Gutters drive water away from your home. If you find pools of water next to the foundation of your home, it means the gutters are not functioning correctly. First, check the basement to see whether there is water.

The smell of mildew is also a sign that water is penetrating the foundations of your home. This excess water can cause structural damage to your home. At the first sign of pools of water or mildew, you should hire a professional for gutter replacement services.


If your gutters have cracks, rust spots or holes, then you should be alarmed. Other signs of damage include gutters pulling away or sagging from the house. The gutters may also be leaning away from your walls or hanging down.

Another sign is dented or bent gutters. If there are gaps between the gutter connections or the facia boards they are attached to, this is also a bad sign. If you notice any of these signs of damage, you should have the gutters replaced.

Pest Infestation

Stagnant water is a sign the gutters are not functioning correctly. Still waters attract mosquitoes and small critters. If you realise an increase in mosquitoes and flies in your home, the gutters are the main culprit.

If you have not cleaned the gutters in a while, wet debris may have clogged the system. Sometimes cleaning the gutters may solve the problem. However, if the blockage persists, you need gutter replacement services.

The primary role of gutters is to trap rainwater and drive it away from your house's foundation. When there is a storm, the gutters channel water from your roof through downspouts and to appropriate areas around the house. The gutters also keep water from penetrating your basement.

They also protect your home's support structure and prevent debris like leaves from accumulating on your roof and causing water to stagnate. Therefore, it is essential to be keen on cleaning your gutters and replacing them when they have outlived their purpose.

To learn more about gutter replacement, contact a local roof and gutter company.