6 Signs Your Metal Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Posted on: 16 June 2021

Metal roofing has grown in popularity because it is durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. However, with time as the roof ages, it might get damaged or develop problems. When your roof is worn out, you have the choice to either replace or repair it. Here are instances when you need a metal roof replacement. 

1. When It Has Corroded Patches

Over time, your roof may rust. You can identify a corroded roof by looking for discoloured patches. The corroded parts become weak, and they may allow water to leak into your house. Therefore, consider repairing or replacing the roof when you notice that it has some corroded parts.

2. If It Is More Than 30 Years Old

Metal roofs are stable and durable. However, when they have been in use for more than thirty years, you need to replace them. Over time, these roofs deteriorate, reducing their aesthetic value, and they also become ineffective.

3. When It Has Tears and Punctures

Metal roofing is popular because it is sturdy. However, the roof may get a puncture or a tear if a lot of weight is put on it. Although you may choose to repair the punctures, you will certainly need to replace the entire roof in the long run. When you repair the roof after its punctured, the aesthetic value of your home reduces. If you want to maintain your home's appeal, it is best to have the roof replaced.

4. When It Is Blown Off

Metal roofing can be easily blown away if you hire inexperienced individuals during installation. It can also be blown off during extreme weather conditions. If a part of your roof is blown off, this is a sign that the entire roof is not properly installed. In this case, it is best to have the entire roof removed and reinstalled by a dedicated and qualified roofer. 

5. When the Roof Appears Weak and Fragile

A metal roof is normally thick and strong, but it might become brittle and weak over time. This is because the metal material gets damaged after years of being exposed to the sun. If you notice that the roof appears weak and bristle, have it replaced by a reliable roofing contractor.

6. When the Painted Finish on the Metal Roofing Panels Are Damaged

The paint on the roof panels is meant to protect the metal element and improve the roof's aesthetic value. If you notice that the paint is chipped, you need to have the panels removed and replaced.

A metal roof is durable and appealing. However, it might get damaged and need replacement. If you observe any of the signs discussed, contact a roofer to repair or replace your roof.