Wall Frames: 4 Top Reasons Timber Is an Excellent Building Material for Wall Framing

Posted on: 1 April 2021

The thought of owning your own house can be exciting. Not only does it eliminate the burden of rent, but you are also free to customise the house to suit your requirements and preferences. But the most important thing when building a home is to select a suitable construction method. 

Timber wall frame construction is an excellent option when putting up a new home. That is so for various reasons, as highlighted below. Read on. 

1. It Keeps the Costs Under Control

One significant challenge you'll face during construction is staying within the set budget. Some unforeseen challenges can cause delays and substantially increase your budget. For this reason, some people end up halting their projects halfway for lack of funds. Luckily, you can evade these frustrations by opting to construct a timber home. 

With timber-framed houses, most of the work is done in a workshop. That reduces the chances of construction delays due to bad weather. Moreover, it enables you to set accurate project timelines. Because of that, timber wall frames will allow you to work within your set budget.

2. It Is Fast and Efficient 

Since timber wall frames are constructed indoors, they are not affected by the weather. After the structure is completed, it is moved to the site and erected. It only takes a few days to make the frame wind and watertight. For this reason, other contractors such as electricians and plumbers won't wait too long to begin their work. These experts can complete the installation of the major systems soon after the frame is erected. Therefore, timber frames allow you to continue construction no matter the weather and complete it in time. 

3. It Has a Wide Variety of Options 

Generally, timber is a versatile material, meaning you can create different architectural designs using it. It means you can build a house that blends well with the existing styles and features around the property. Furthermore, timbers will help you stand out from the neighbourhood and become the centre of attention. This flexibility is what makes people choose timber over other materials. 

4. It Is Environmentally Friendly 

Today, many people are trying to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Timber is a renewable material since a tree is planted every time one is felled. Also, more forests are being planted to meet the growing demand for timber. Unlike other construction materials that never get replaced when removed from the environment, timber is sustainable and will always be available as long as trees are planted. 

Indeed, using timber wall frames offers many benefits. Your contractor will help you choose suitable wood based on your region's climatic conditions and preferences.