3 Nifty Tactics To Prepare For First-Time Roof Repairs In Your Home

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Despite the inconvenience it brings, roof repairs are inevitable for homes over time, especially if you live in an area prone to harsh temperatures and heavy winds. If you start noticing signs like leaks, watermarks, mould buildup and dried caulking, you may need to consider roof repairs for your home. If this is your first time attempting to undertake roof repairs, follow these tactics in preparation.

Shortlist Roofing Contractors

If you've never done this before and have no expertise in this area, don't climb onto your roof to patch up leaks and cracks on your own. This could turn out to be extremely dangerous, especially if you slip and fall off the roof. Moreover, patching the leak incorrectly will result in more damage than before. Look for reputable and certified roofing contractors by checking with your neighbours and friends. You can also get in touch with the Master Builders Australia Association in your state to find roofing contractors for your needs. With nearly 33,000 members, you'll have access to a range of certified contractors. Shortlist the contractors you feel most comfortable with for your roof repairs.

Assess The Level of Damage Before Finalising Quotes

Get the shortlisted contractors to inspect your roof, so that they can determine the extent of the work necessary on the roof. This is an important step because different contractors may offer different quotations for the same level of work. Getting more than one quote will help you determine whether the contractors are genuinely offering you the right level of repair work. After receiving the repair quotes, you will have an idea of the budget you need to set for your roof repairs.

Prepare Your Home To Withstand Repair Work

It's likely that your home will be subject to excess dust, dirt and grime from roof repairs. You will need to prepare your home in a way that will allow you to inhabit it while the strenuous work takes place. Make sure you prepare your household items properly, so that they don't suffer from too much damage during the repair process. For example, place all valuables and breakable items like glasses, paintings and crystal-ware into packed boxes because the vibrations from any roof work could cause them to fall and break. Cover your furniture and beds with plastic or a tarp to protect the fabric and mattress from absorbing dust and dirt. Remove any rugs from the floor and keep them locked away. If you have carpets, make sure you cover the entire ground with a tarp and seal the material to the wall edges, so it doesn't come undone during the repair work.

These preparation tips will help you prepare your home for first-time roof repairs.